Skylight Installation

We had a contractor install skylights in the kitchen and bathroom.


The kitchen, with the rough location of where the skylight will be marked with masking tape. Nicole has already removed the beam.

The bathroom, as it was in the beginning. It is small and the ceiling is too low. Ariel is nice enough to pose for the camera.

Another view of the bathroom. This is Riel's good side.

Day One

The first skylight is installed, in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the contractors flatten one of the flower beds with their truck. :(

Day Two

The ceiling is off in the bathroom. You can see the old ventilation fan.

Day Three

The skylight has been installed in the bathroom, and the ceiling joists have been ripped out. It is very cold in the room.


Now the drywall has been put in and the work is about done. The ceiling is no longer flat -- the room now has a cathedral ceiling, which doesn't show well in the photos. It opens up the room a lot.

The slant of the ceiling is perhaps a little more apparent in this photo.

Adding this 2x4 skylight has added a lot of light to the room.

The old rattly fan is gone. Here is the new, quiet fan. No, it is not sucking the hair off Niki's head. :)

It looks better with a little paint.

The finished kitchen skylight. It also adds a lot of light, which was sorely needed in the kitchen.

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